Birthday Trip To Wildpark Schwarze Berge

imageLast weekend, to celebrate our Little B turning the Big 2, we decided to have a family adventure and take them to a zoo. Not just any zoo, though. ┬áIt’s a zoo that they’ve been dying to go to since we first moved to Hamburg and saw its adverts plastered all over a million buses. To be honest, The Boy and I have been a little reluctant because it’s always tough to get this crew motivated and out the door in the morning. It’s almost impossible when there’s a cool new HUGE Lego Duplo playset in the house. And this zoo is way out there. Best case scenario, it’s 30 minutes on a train and then 30 minutes on a bus. Unless you miss the connecting bus and have to wait an entire hour for the next one. I figured that a birthday was special enough to warrant all the slings and arrows that come with traveling with excited and impatient and eventually hungry and tired kiddos, though. So, billing this whole trip as a surprise birthday adventure, we set off not telling them where we were headed.

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