Our Weekend

Good Monday, all! How are you this fine February day? Staying warm, I hope. The Babe is home sick today with yet another preschool plague. He actually came down with it late Friday night/early Saturday morning, wandering into our room to cough on me at 2am. He was strangely energetic. I tried for two hours to get him to go back to sleep before finally admitting defeat and getting up to watch a movie. (I know. I know. But I'm not really fit to do much else at 4 in the morning other than cuddle and sit mindlessly in front of a TV.) He took a little nap around 7:30. This was the state of our living room around 9 after some play time and while I finished cooking breakfast. The wooden bowl we keep some of his blocks in is his new favorite place to sit.

sittin' in a bowl

Later that afternoon we played with tupperware. 
He crowned Daddy.
Crowning the King

And then Daddy crowned him. 
Crowning the prince

Gosh, I love these two...my King and Prince of Tupperware-dom.

Sunday The Babe disappeared into his room and was strangely quiet. You know the kind of quiet I mean, right? The one where you think "Uh, oh. That can't be good. What's he up to?" So I went to check on him. He was in his bed reading one of his favorite books, The Snail and the Whale. I'll take that kind of "mischief" any day. 

I grabbed my camera and could not stop taking pictures of him in bed "reading". He was so darned cute and I was so darned proud. I like to read in bed, too.
Reading I

Reading more

Reading III

Reading II

So that was our weekend. Sick and silly.
How was yours?

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