And The Liebsters go to...

Last month, Rachel of American in Bath honored me with a Liebster Blog Award. Thank you, Rachel! I am honored beyond words. Rachel writes about the ups (there are many) and downs (there are a few) of her life as an expat in England. She also throws in a helpful household tip or two on occasion.  I love her thoughtful and honest writing style and her posts have inspired many an introspective afternoon for me. 

The Liebster Blog Award is an award for small blogs with fewer than 300 followers that deserve a little extra love. This little space of mine certainly qualifies. Part of the award is paying it forward to some of my own favorite smaller blogs and I've been agonizing over choosing just three. (The stress!) I love all the blogs I read and want to spread the word of their amazingness to everyone. I guess I'll have to settle for starting with these...

The Coziness Project was created by Jacque to document her new life here in Denmark.  She's been consumed with the work, worry, and excitement of moving from the US to her new life abroad, but now that she's made the jump I'm sure that there will be a lot more this lovely new expat.
The Green Canary is an excellent blog about the life of one hilarious and witty lady known only as...The Green Canary. She comes up with some amazing quotes and gorgeous pictures, too!
Inward Facing Girl is a blog I've only just discovered, but already I'm in love. Melanie is a writer, photographer, collector of beautiful images, and fellow Southern girl with a foot as itchy as my own. Oh, and she's an aspiring superstar blogger who often interviews successful bloggers for tips and inspiration. This is a definite must read if you are trying to "grow your blog".

There you go. Three of the blogs that I read that I think you should check out, too! Have fun! 

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  1. Thank you so much, Belle! :) Plus, now I have some other new blogs to check out!


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