Playing Dress Up

Normally, I don't really care that much about my hair. I like it to be clean and presentable, yes. Stylish, even. But I don't spend hours and hours getting it to look just so. I've learned through bitter experience that the more time I spend on it, the faster the wind is going to mess it up, so why bother? I've accepted my fate and embraced "messy hair", preferably up and out of my face, which means the longer the better.  So the whole no haircut for a year thing has not been that big of a deal for me. Now that I have an appointment to have something done with it tomorrow, I'm nervous. I'm absolutely gaga over the messy bangs with a messy bun look. There is just something so bohemian and sexy about it. (You can visit my pinspiration (see what I did there?) to see what I mean.) I really really want to give bangs a try. The thing is, there is this little voice in my head says bangs don't look good on me. 

To settle this once and for all, I turned to the interwebs. My first stop was myheritage.com and their feature called "Celebrity Collage". Upload a picture and, using their handy dandy face recognition technology,  My Heritage will tell you which 8 celebrities look the most like you. Very scientific. 

Apparently I look like
Krista Allen, Beyonce, Jessica Biel, Elisha Cuthbert
Rose McGowan, Kate Winslet, Katherine Heigel, and 
Catherine Zeta Jones. Not a bad lot. 

Knowing which celebrities I resemble comes in handy at the next stop: InStyle's Hollywood Makeover where you can try on the fabulous hairstyles of all your favorite celebs! Upload that same gorgeous picture, click on a celebrity, do a little length and width adjustment on the hair and voila! Now you (kinda) know what you would look like with Lady Gaga's hair! 

Instyle doesn't have every celebrity ever, but they do have a pretty fair number and all your major styles are represented, even a few outdated ones (hello, The Rachel). There were 18 styles from 5 of the ladies I "resembled" on My Heritage. Of those 18, I only liked 2 of them and of those 2, one is really just way shorter than I want to go. Still it was fun to "try on" something so different. After I'd exhausted that group of ladies, I moved on to famous people regular people say I look like (Reese Witherspoon, which I totally don't get) and then I moved on to just bangs (Katie). Here are the results.

Trying on the hairstyles of the lovely  
Elisha Cuthbert , Jessica Biel,  Emma Stone,
 Emma Stone (again),  Reese Witherspoon,  Katie Holmes

Wasn't that fun? I think I dig the Katie Holmes hair the most. 
At least I don't hate the bangs. 


  1. I say, go for the bangs!!! Many times in the past I have done bangs and I always like them, even though they are sort of a no-no for super curly hair (as I have). Let me know if you find a good place to go in Vejle!

  2. Thanks, Jacque! I did indeed find a salon that I am very pleased with. :-)

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